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Avoid Jail Time and Expensive Fines In Wisconsin By Following Motorcycle Laws

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Whether you bought your motorcycle to relive your youth or received your bike as a present, you can face expensive fines and even jail time if you break Wisconsin’s motorcycle laws. Here are some things you need to know to be a responsible motorcycle owner in Wisconsin.

  • According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, any vehicle built to have no more than three (3) wheels is deemed a motorcycle by law. Also, it should have its own power source, and be capable of reaching speeds up to 30 mph with a rider who is 150 pounds.
  • No one can operate a motorcycle unless he/she has liability insurance and carries proof of insurance while driving. If you are found without it while out riding, you will be fined $500.
  • Helmets are only deemed necessary for operators and passengers who are under 18 or who have a permit.
  • You can have a single passenger on board provided he/she rides on the passenger seat, does not ride in front with you and rests his/her feet on the pegs or footrests of the motorcycle (and is tall enough to do so). You can have more than one (1) passenger if your motorcycle is designed to accommodate them.
  • All motorcycle operators must wear eye protection – unless the cycle has a windshield that rises about 15-inches above the handlebars. Plus, except for prescribed photosensitive glasses, it is against the law to wear tinted glasses during hours of darkness while driving a motorcycle.
  • No one can operate a motorcycle if its handlebars rise more than 30-inches above the lowest point of the top of the seat when the driver is sitting on it.
  • When making a right turn, position your motorcycle in such a way that traffic cannot fit between the curb and you.

If you have a motorcycle, an experienced attorney can familiarize you with more motorcycle laws in Wisconsin that you should be aware of.

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