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Insurance Disputes

Legal Services for Insurance Coverage Disputes

Insurance Coverage Disputes

Despite the rising number of insurance coverage disputes, insurance has transformed into a full-fledged business industry over the past few decades. Like every other business, the primary goal is to stretch their bottom lines and protect their interests, even if it means using tactics to deny rightful claims or force clients to accept low-ball settlement offers.

It can be nerve-racking and infuriating for a person who has paid premiums for years in hopes to get protection against liability and damages, only to find out their insurance company is dead set on denying their claim. In such a situation, you should consider working with an experienced and reliable attorney who can provide skilled counsel, help you understand your rights, and guide you through the legal system.

Dedicated Legal Services for Insurance Coverage Disputes in Wisconsin

At The Law Offices of John V. O’Connor, we have been helping clients in insurance coverage disputes for more than 35 years. Our attorney, John V. O’Connor, had been a part of the insurance industry for the first half of his career and knows the tactics and strategies companies use against their clients. We have intimate knowledge of insurance laws in Wisconsin and know how to counter the offenses of insurance companies in claims and coverage disputes. You can count on us to diligently pursue the coverage or compensation that you are entitled to receive under your insurance policy.

Insurance companies provide coverage for life insurance, health insurance, auto liability insurance, disability insurance, and homeowners’ insurance, among many others. Our Kenosha and Racine attorneys have experience in handling virtually all kinds of insurance disputes. When you visit our office for an initial consultation, we attentively listen to you in order to develop a complete understanding of your situation before we can start working on your case. Based on your situation, we come up with a detailed, tailored legal solution that is designed to meet your goals and protect your rights and interests.

Effective Solutions for your Unique Insurance Coverage Issues

We know that every situation is driven by a unique set of circumstances and there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Our attorney develops innovative, effective solutions that resolve your case in a timely manner and are geared toward achieving the best possible outcome. Our firm is capable of quickly assessing the nature of your coverage issue, help you understand the complexities involved, and anticipate any obstacles that may arise during your case proceedings. This allows you to keep realistic expectations from your case and provide all the things we need to represent you during trial.

Discuss your Insurance Coverage Dispute Case with Us Today

Disputes arising from denied claims or low settlement offers based on an exclusion, a condition, or a problem with the claimant’s application are not uncommon. At The Law Offices of John V. O’Connor, we assess your bad faith insurance claim and craft a comprehensive legal strategy that challenges the insurance company’s offer and improves your chances of getting the compensation or coverage that you rightfully deserve.

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