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Establishing Liability in Auto Accidents Caused By Road Hazards

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Auto accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the world. Fact sheets available on the World Health Organization website reveal that more than 1.25 million lives are lost each year due to car crashes. Unfortunately, United States is not an exception in this. As per stats provided by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 90 people lose their lives each day in the United States due to motor vehicle crashes.

Common causes of auto accidents include driving under influence, distracted driving, violation of traffic laws, speeding, amongst others. However, there are many occasions where the driver is at no fault and incidents happen due to external circumstances such as heavy rain, dust storm, or snowfall. Road hazards also happen to be one of the most frequent reasons which result in auto accidents.

An individual who drives a vehicle may come across road hazards at some point. In many instances, these hazards do not result in damage to vehicles or injury to drivers. However, there are many unfortunate cases where vehicles get severely damaged and driver and/or occupants of the vehicle may become a victim of serious injuries. Some injuries may get treated while others may prove fatal.

Whom to Hold Responsible In Auto Accidents Caused Due To Road Hazards

It can be extremely crucial to Identify and determine whom to sue and hold liable for an accident caused by road hazard. Primarily, common road hazards can be identified in three categories:

  • Animals
  • Debris
  • Potholes

Sadly, in case a wild animal comes in front of your car suddenly and this results in an accident, you may not be able to hold anyone liable for the damages. If an accident is caused due to debris or potholes on the road, it is crucial to identify its nature and how it got on the road. Municipality, county, or even state can be held liable depending upon state laws.

If debris was left behind near a construction site, that construction company can be held responsible. However, if debris fall from an unidentifiable vehicle or its nature is unknown, then it can be extremely difficult to hold any party responsible for your accident.

Poor weather conditions such as fog, storm, ice, or snow may also create a hazardous road condition. It may not be possible to hold anyone responsible for bad weather, however, a government entity may be held liable in an event where lack of repairs or design flaw was the causation of the accident.

Despite any reason that may have occurred, an individual must prove the negligence of a defendant that caused an accident in order to establish liability. Therefore, if you have become a victim of an auto accident due to road hazards, it can be highly beneficial for your case to acquire the services of an experienced auto accident lawyer. Your attorney will protect your rights throughout the lawsuit process.

Moreover, a skillful auto accident lawyer will gather evidence and establish liability against the defendant. It can be advantageous for your case if you take photographic evidence of the scene after an accident as it will provide your auto accident lawyer solid grounds to devise a strong case in your favor, which consequently enables you to obtain maximum compensation for your pain and sufferings.

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