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How Can I Be Compensated For A Personal Injury With No Witnesses?

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Just because there are no witnesses doesn’t mean you cannot get compensated for a personal injury. If someone’s negligence caused the accident and injuries, you shouldn’t be the one paying for those medical bills. Experienced Kenosha personal injury lawyers can bolster your case without witnesses.

What You Can Do If There Are No Witnesses

You can still take legal action against the negligent party. However, how you handle things post-accident will impact your case, so you should be careful. If there are no witnesses, take these steps to safeguard your case:

Wait For Help to Arrive

The first thing you should do is dial 911 and inform the dispatcher of your injuries. Wait for the police and paramedics to arrive. DO NOT leave the scene of the accident. It is a crime in Wisconsin. If you are the negligent party, the act can constitute a ‘hit and run.’

Talk to the Police

When the police arrive, do not ignore their instructions and answer their queries as truthfully as possible. Police officers are supposed to be unbiased investigators. If there are no witnesses around, use the police report they make to corroborate your case. It should contain statements from you and the other party, so describe the incident as clearly as possible.

Under no circumstances should you admit fault or apologize for the accident, even if you believe you were at fault. Even if you think some of it lies with you, do not admit to it. You may be blamed for the incident and reduce your compensation as well.

Acquire the police report as soon as it is available and get a copy made as well. The document can be used to preserve the details surrounding the accident and help authorities determine who was at fault.

Take Videos and Photos

If you can, take pictures and a video of the scene of the accident before you leave. This is important since the scene can be altered later, which means you may lose important evidence and details that can help your case.

Get images and shoot the video from different angles and locations. Take close-ups and wide-angle views and cover landmarks such as telephone poles, road signs, skid marks etc. Make a backup copy of all of that evidence on another device as well. If you lose your phone, you may not be able to recover that data.

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