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How Do I Prove Negligence In A Slip And Fall With No Witness?

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The icy surfaces and snowy sidewalks of the existing weather conditions create a perfect environment for slip and fall accidents. If you’ve suffered an injury due to a fall, having a witness should make your case stronger, should you decide to sue the property owner. If there’s no witness, however, proving your claim can be difficult, but not impossible. Follow these tips to prove negligence in a slip and fall case with no witness.

Capture Images of the Scene

If your condition allows, use your smartphone camera to capture as many photos of the accident as possible before leaving the space. This should be done immediately so that no one has the opportunity to alter the scene, such as clearing away ice or snow that caused you to fall. Also, the ice can melt if you choose to capture the scene afterward. 

The images depicting snow and ice on the premises at the instant of the accident incredibly improves your chances of succeeding, even if you couldn’t secure a witness.

Notify the Owner of the Property

When faced with a slip and fall at a commercial property, many people will avoid reporting the slip and fall to the higher authorities of the business. While this doesn’t bar you from filing your claim, juries and insurers will question the credibility of an accident that was not timely reported and had no witnesses either. 

If your injury was severe enough to demand emergency response, the incident would automatically elevate to higher management. If you’re able to stand up and walk following the scenario, be sure to find the owner or highest manager ranking supervisor and inform them, as well as send a notification letter afterward. Notify the city or town authorities as well.

Seek Medical Care

No matter how negligible your injury is, visit your doctor or nearby clinic without any delay. If you don’t immediately seek healthcare treatment, the jury and your insurer will assume that you may not have been hurt at all.

Explain What Happened to Your Doctor

Keep in mind that juries and insurance companies won’t trust your claim if the medical records are inconsistent with your story. Thus, you must clearly state to your health care providers that the injury has been caused by a slip and fall accident at the specified commercial property.

While taking these steps should certainly help, the attorney you choose makes a huge difference to succeeding in your slip and fall claim. If you’re located in Kenosha, WI, John V. O’Connor is the best personal injury lawyer for you. With regards to your slip and fall claim, you’ll find yourself in a strong position with this experienced attorney.


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