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How To Avoid Common Causes Of Winter Car Accidents

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Winter Driving Safety Tips

Winter will be with us again soon in Kenosha, and with it comes rain, snow, and ice on our roads, making driving more hazardous. Winter weather can increase the chances of car accidents, but follow the tips in this article, and you are more likely to arrive safely at your destination. If another driver hits and injures you, our Kenosha personal injury lawyers at The Law Offices of John V. O’Connor can help. We have over 35 years of experience with serious personal injury and civil litigation matters.

Check Your Tires

In Kenosha, heavy snow is always a possibility after October and well into March or even April. One of the most effective ways to avoid winter car accidents is to have proper tires, such as winter tires. Winter tires are made to maintain flexibility in weather colder than 40 degrees F, so they can spread out and maintain their grip in slick weather. So, no matter how wet or icy the conditions are, your car will likely stay on the road and stop quickly. Most winter tires have deep treads and boost traction in most winter weather.

Start thinking about a winter tire purchase in September, well before the first snowfall. If you wait until the first significant snow hits, you could see higher prices on winter tires, and some may even be out of stock.

When replacing your tires, you should check the battery, replace the wiper blades if needed, and see that you have enough antifreeze.

Check Driving Conditions

It is always recommended to check the weather in the winter months before going out the door. Nowadays, it is easier for people to work remotely and do other essential tasks from home. If the weather turns south and you do not have to drive, it is better to stay home.

Know How To Navigate A Skid

If you drive in Kenosha every winter, your vehicle may have lost grip in December or January. When this happens, follow these steps to maintain control:

  • Do not panic. Slamming on the brakes or accelerating quickly will exacerbate the problem, and you could end up slamming into other cars or in the ditch.
  • Glance at where you want to go.
  • Make small movements with the steering wheel in that direction.
  • Reduce gas and straighten your wheels. When you get traction again, steer gingerly in the desired direction.

Slow Down

When precipitation falls in Kenosha, you should immediately reduce your speed and increase the following distances. A common cause of car accidents is drivers going too fast for conditions. Any time the roads are wet, it takes longer to slow down and change direction, so slowing down can help you maintain control. Leaving more distance between you and the next car will help to avoid rear-end crashes.

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