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How to Avoid Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

The best way to reduce the chances of a pedestrian accident is to stay alert when on the road. Abiding by the traffic rules and remaining alert of the dangers that are posed by vehicles will enable you to significantly reduce your chances of becoming a victim of such accidents. Maintain eye contact with the drivers and make sure that they are able to see you.

Both the pedestrians and drivers have certain responsibilities that they need to adhere to, as per the law:

Responsibility of the Drivers According to the Law in Wisconsin

  • Give way to pedestrians that are crossing the road or a sidewalk
  • Give way to the pedestrians entering a driveway or alley
  • Give way to pedestrians crossing an intersection
  • Give way to pedestrians on a crosswalk when the signal indicates “walk” or goes green
  • Give way to pedestrians crossing the highway on a marked/unmarked crosswalk in the middle of an intersection that has no traffic signals or lights
  • Refrain from overtaking vehicles that stop at a crosswalk or intersection in order to allow a pedestrian to safely cross the road

Responsibility of the Pedestrians According to the Law in WI

  • Give way to the drivers while crossing a road that has no intersection or a cross-walk
  • Give way to drivers when the signal strikes green for the drivers
  • Refrain from coming in the path of a vehicle approaching closely that is unable to give way to the pedestrian
  • If you need to walk on the highway, walk on the left side of the road when you are not using the sidewalk

Some Pointers for Pedestrians to Keep in Mind

  • Pay close attention when walking on the road
  • Remain alert at all times
  • Do not drink and walk
  • Remain extra careful when crossing the road at night
  • Keep your children under strict supervision whilst on the road

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