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How to Stay Safe While Riding a Motorcycle

motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accidents are almost always devastating for riders. The carnage is undeniable. In most cases, motorcyclists fracture bones, get brain bleeds, or succumb to their injuries. Many leave behind dependents who have no one else to turn to. A Kenosha motorcycle accident lawyer can ensure they are well taken care of and ensure injured motorcyclists get the compensation they deserve.

Top Motorcycle Safety Tips

Here are some of the top motorcycle safety tips that can help you avoid a deadly accident on the road:

Wear a Bright Helmet

A bright helmet is the first thing drivers will see if you are in front of them on your motorcycle. In low-lit conditions, it can save your life. So choose a helmet that is bright in color and has reflective tape that is visible from a distance. Neon blue and yellow colors will work splendidly. Complement the helmet with a similarly-hued jacket so drivers can see you from miles away.

Don’t Rely Completely On Your Mirrors

Your bike mirrors can save your life, but you can still get into a serious motorcycle accident if they aren’t positioned right. Don’t rely on them completely. Glance over your shoulder quickly to check for oncoming vehicles before you turn or change lanes. Your eyes cannot deceive you unless you are distracted by your phone or something else. In that case, you won’t see other drivers approaching.

Don’t Get Between Vehicles and Off-Ramps

Drivers who turn on off-ramps without a turn signal kill more motorcyclists than you realize. Avoid a motorcycle accident by ensuring you are not between a car and these ramps.

Check Your Motorcycle Before Hitting the Road

Something as simple as a quick motorcycle check can prevent an accident. Before riding off, check your tire pressure, hand and foot brakes, brake fluid, and other essentials. Also, check for leaks. If you see a damp or black spot underneath your motorcycle, head to a mechanic.

Stay to Either Side of Traffic and Keep Scanning

If traffic slows down in front of you, remain either to the left or the right. It will give you a clear escape route if the driver behind you fails to stop in time or their brakes fail. Constantly scan your surroundings while riding your bike. This includes the road ahead, blind spots, obstructions, other drivers, pedestrians, and animals. Do not dwell on one area for longer than a few seconds.

Be Aware of the Weather

A slippery road can make your bike skid out from under you faster than you can blink. It happens to the best motorcyclists. So before heading out, check the weather report and don’t ride in the rain. Your tires will not have the traction they need to keep you upright and steady. Get an Uber if you have an urgent engagement that day.

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