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Key Ways to Identify Distracted Drivers

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Distracted driving can be extremely dangerous, as evident by the Traffic Safety Facts statistics available on the NHTSA website. It shows distracted driving claimed the lives of 3,450 individuals in 2016. You might come across several instances when you have to avoid negligent drivers while commuting. As a way to save yourself become a statistic for 2019, here are some key ways to identify distracted drivers.

Abrupt Braking

When a driver is distracted, presumably due to DUI or using a mobile phone, they are unable to effectively operate their vehicle. It may become evident they are distracted if they apply brakes too often or suddenly apply the brake. For example, if traffic is slowing down because of a closed signal ahead and a driver abruptly brakes, it may be a sign they are distracted. Make sure to maintain a safe braking distance.

Late Reaction Times at Intersections

When a driver does not move – even though a reasonable amount of time has passed since the signal turned green, it is a sign they could be distracted. Their late reaction time should alert you to stay cautious when driving near such vehicles. They might continue to remain distracted and ultimately lose their concentration from the road, which may consequently lead to an unfortunate accident.

Drifting Away from Mid of the Lane

If a car near you is swerving and drifting away from the middle of the lane, there is a possibility the driver is inattentive, distracted, and driving absentmindedly. Line markings are important to keep vehicles in their lanes. When you spot such a driver, try to maintain an extra amount of distance to prevent a sideswiping collision, in case they drift into your lane.

The Driver is Wearing Earphones

It is not easy to see whether a driver is wearing earphones, especially portable Bluetooth headsets such as Apple Air Pods. However, if you notice a driver wearing an earphone or some other hearing device, make sure to maintain a safe distance from them. They might be distracted by music or perhaps busy talking to someone on the phone, which can impair their ability to drive safely on the road.

What to Do If You Are Involved In an Accident?

With these tips, you can substantially reduce the likelihood of getting involved in an accident, however, it does not eliminate the possibility of an unfortunate incident taking place. If you have become a victim of an auto accident, due to the negligence of a distracted driver, you can file a claim against them by hiring an experienced auto accident lawyer.

Attorneys can offer valuable advice and guidance to seek compensation for your damages. Also, using their comprehensive knowledge and experience of personal injury laws and regulations, your auto accident lawyer will be able to devise a strong case in your favor to strengthen your claim.

Having a competent auto accident lawyer by your side will allow you to successfully fight for the rightful compensation you deserve in regards to your injuries and damages inflicted to yourself and your vehicle, due to the negligence of the defendant. Your attorney will also ensure your legal rights and interests remain protected throughout the case.

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