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Testimonial 06

After my accident, John came highly recommended to me by a friend who is also a local attorney. I had never been involved in seeking damages after an accident, so I was a bit apprehensive about the whole process and what might be involved.

However, John and his assistant, Lori, put my mind at ease right away from the time we first met at the beginning of the process. John’s easy going manner, and genuine concern for my well being – both physical and mental – let me know instantly that he was someone that I wanted in my corner if I was going to proceed with pursuing damages.

In a calm and reassuring manner, John and Lori laid out, step by step, what I might expect as the coming months, and perhaps years, unfolded. All along the way, Lori communicated with me via email and phone whenever she needed something, or just to check in to see how I was doing and to let me know that the process was going as it should. I always had the sense that, even though they were doing all the difficult work behind the scenes, the decisions were still up to me. In other words, there was no pressure on me one way or another to do something with which I might be uncomfortable.

In the end, John reached a satisfactory settlement on my behalf – without having to go to trial – and I felt that I was fairly and properly compensated for any medical expense that I had incurred, and any pain and suffering that I had endured.

At our final meeting, John was very clear that he was always available to me should I ever require his services in the future, and he said that if he could not help me because what I needed was not in his area of expertise, that he would be sure to put me in touch with the best attorney that he knew of who could help me.

I very highly recommend John, and Lori, for your legal needs.


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