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What to Know If You’ve Been Injured in a Ridesharing Car or Taxi

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Ridesharing services have changed the way we travel. Along with taxis, people commonly use other ridesharing services. Auto-accidents and personal injuries can occur while you are traveling in a cab or with a ridesharing service. If you’ve suffered from personal injuries while riding in a taxi or other rideshare service and you’re not sure what to do – talk with a skilled personal injury attorney.

Here’s what you need to do if you are injured in a taxi or ridesharing car accident.

Get Contact Details

If you suffer injuries while traveling in a taxi or any other car ridesharing service, the first thing you need to do is get contact information. Usually, a taxi will display information about the driver and the taxi company inside the vehicle, so make sure to note everything.

If you were in a ride-sharing service, your cell phone will have the information needed, which includes the name of the driver, the car model, the pickup point, and the drop-off location. Make sure to share this information with a skilled personal injury lawyer because it will be significant to your negligence case against the driver and the company.

File for a Personal Injury Claim

Whether you were in a taxi or a ridesharing service car, in both cases you have to file for a personal injury claim. Because no driver can guarantee the complete safety of passengers, taxi drivers and other ride-sharing drivers must exercise the highest degree of care under Wisconsin law.

Determine the Extent of Liability

Car accident cases – particularly those where two or more vehicles and drivers are involved, are complex. You will need a skilled personal injury attorney to determine the driver is liable to pay for your injuries and emotional trauma you’ve suffered due to the accident. Taxi companies in Wisconsin are regulated. Your attorney will discuss the case with the concerned company. As for ridesharing services, the driver and the company will be held liable for your medical bills if their driver is at fault.

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