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What Types Of Injuries Are Considered Catastrophic Injuries In Wisconsin?

catastrophic injuries

Catastrophic injuries can have a devastating effect on the quality of your life. It can compromise simple tasks you used to take for granted. Besides this, these injuries can also prevent you from holding down a job, which can ruin your family. A Kenosha catastrophic injury lawyer can ensure you deserve the compensation to recover losses.

Types of Wisconsin Catastrophic Injuries

Some of the types of injuries that are deemed catastrophic in Wisconsin include the following:

Brain Injuries

A fractured skull can hide brain injuries. Even a minor brain injury can lead to debilitating headaches, dizziness, and foggy thinking. A severe one can cause longer-lasting or permanent symptoms such as compromised bowel movements, speech impediments, and memory issues.

Spinal Injuries

Spinal cord injuries can lead to permanent or temporary paralysis. If it is serious enough, it can also lead to loss of bowel control and bladder function. The severity of symptoms depends on the location of the injury and its completeness. If the upper part of your spinal cord is injured, it will affect a greater part of your body. On the other hand, an incomplete SCI may allow some feeling and movement.

Loss of Limbs

A serious accident can sever body parts. Depending on the type of injuries you sustain, doctors may or may not be able to reattach some of them or may even have to amputate. In either case, you will have to undergo months or years of painful rehab, which may change your life forever.

Organ Damage

If your kidney, liver, or other organ is ruptured during an accident, you can bleed out internally. While you may recover in time, the injuries can result in long-lasting symptoms that can debilitate you, especially if a part of the damaged organ is removed during surgery.

The Negative Impact of a Catastrophic Injury

A Kenosha catastrophic injury lawyer will tell you that a catastrophic injury can lead to complex legal cases that impact your claim. Some of them include:

High Medical Bills

Catastrophic injuries are naturally costlier to treat than simple ones, especially those requiring extended hospitalization. You may also need to live in rehab for physical therapy and intensive medical care for a few months. You may also need to pay for at-home care, additional surgery, and aids such as wheelchairs.

Serious Life Adjustments

A serious injury can prevent you from driving, and you will have no choice but to pay for public transport. Modified vehicles don’t come cheap, and home modifications such as ramps and lifts can also cost an arm and a leg. If you have to move and need to pay out of pocket, you may not be able to take care of your medical expenses.

Get The Compensation You Deserve With Help From John V O’Connor

If you are looking for a compassionate and dedicated Kenosha catastrophic injury lawyer, look no further than the Law Offices of John V. O’Connor. We understand the long-lasting implications that catastrophic injuries can have on your life and will ensure your rights are protected. This includes ensuring you get the compensation you deserve so you don’t have to pay for hefty medical bills. Book a consultation by dialing (262) 605-8400.


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