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You Don’t Want to Leave a Concussion Go Untreated

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A concussion is a form of traumatic brain injury.  At one time, no one took concussions seriously. Today, that’s not true. Studies involving athletes have shown that even one concussion, with a short period of unconsciousness or disorientation, can lead to a lifetime of disability. Each injury to the brain adds up – each additional concussion can lead to further brain damage and more disability.

Every concussion should be medically evaluated as soon as possible – it often takes time for additional symptoms to appear. If treated early, brain damage can often be lessened.

If you are in an accident and suffer a concussion, even if it’s not your first one, you are probably entitled to be compensated by the insurance company for the at-fault party. Get medical help first and talk to an experienced personal injury attorney afterward to see if you are entitled to compensation.

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