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Can You Obtain Compensation for Dog Bite Injuries?

Dog Bite Attorney

Dog Bite Statistics reveal that in the United States, approximately 4.7 million dog bites occur each year, and around 17% of those bites require medical care. A dog bite should not be taken lightly as it can result in infectious diseases leading to severe health complications. In light of these scary statistics and gravity of the issue, there are different state laws enacted to help individuals who suffer from such an unfortunate event.

Statute Pertaining to Dog Bites In Wisconsin

Like every other state, there is a statute pertaining to dog bites in Wisconsin to provide justice to individuals who sustain injuries caused due to dog bites. Under the Wisconsin state law, the owner of a dog can be held liable for the full amount of damages that are caused to an individual, domestic animal, or property, as a result of a dog bite. If the dog has a history of causing an injury prior to your accident, the amount that owner must pay as compensation may be doubled.

Furthermore, the owner of the dog may also be liable for fines and penalties, depending upon the facts and circumstances related to the case. In addition to that, the dog owner may also be scrutinized for negligence and, in some cases, scienter, depending upon the foreseeability of the situation. Therefore, if you have suffered from a dog bite, then you should pursue legal action by appointing an experienced dog bite & animal attack lawyer.

Why Hire A Lawyer?

A skillful dog bite & animal attack lawyer will help you to collect evidence and devise a cogent strategy that will strengthen your case and allow you to obtain maximum compensation for your damages. Moreover, the defense counsel may come up with defenses such as provocation and trespassing to minimize their liability.

An astute dog bite & animal attack lawyer will be able to counter these defenses by presenting evidence and facts related to your case, which will help protect your rights and enable you to obtain rightful compensation for your loss and sufferings.

The amount of compensation may include, but not limited to, medical bills, lost income, and loss of consortium, among others. While this amount may not make up for the physical pain that you had to endure, it will certainly help you to get through the difficult period without worrying about your finances.

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