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What To Do If You Suffer a Dog Bite Injury

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As per Wisconsin dog bite laws, dog owners are liable if their pet bites and injures someone. If you were the unfortunate victim of such an attack, one of the first things you need to do is hire a Kenosha dog bite attorney and follow specific steps to ensure you get maximum compensation.

Critical Steps You Should Take After a Dog Bites You in Wisconsin

You don’t have to provide evidence of negligence or wrongdoing if you are attacked. But you have to take specific measures to strengthen your claim. So if a dog attacks and injures you, follow these steps immediately after, if possible:

1. Call Animal Control

Report the incident to animal control as soon as possible. They will ask for your contact information, the extent of your injuries, and the circumstances surrounding the incident. An inspector will investigate your case and create a report which you should get a copy of.

2. Contact Local Law Enforcement

If you are bleeding profusely because of lacerations caused by the attack, call 911 immediately. Emergency personnel will be dispatched to your location. This includes paramedics and police, who will also create an incident report you will need when you file a claim.

3. Get Medical Proof

You may require extensive medical treatment if your injuries result in disfigurement or a severe infection. Make sure you collect your medical bills, test results, and other hospital paraphernalia that your insurance company or Kenosha dog bite attorney can use as evidence.

Factors That Can Limit Recovery

While dog owners are liable for the injuries their pets cause, your compensation can be limited if you are found to be partially responsible for the attack. Wisconsin’s contributory negligence laws may apply if this is the case. So if you provoked the dog before the attack, your compensation might be reduced or denied.

However, if you find out that the dog is a bite risk, i.e., has attacked other people before, call law enforcement and your attorney immediately.

Your Kenosha dog bite attorney can double your damages with sufficient proof. Since they are well-versed in Wisconsin dog bite laws, they can ensure both insurance companies are notified on time, and you are not shot changed. They can also represent you in a lawsuit if your claim is denied and the insurance company ignores you.

The last thing you need as you recover from injuries is a hefty medical bill you cannot afford. Compensation from your dog bite claim can cover those damages and provide other financial benefits if you have a skilled attorney in your corner.

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