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How to Choose a Top Personal Injury Lawyer in Wisconsin

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If you were injured because of someone’s negligence, hire a personal injury lawyer in Wisconsin who you can rely on. Depending on the quality of their representation, you could be looking at thousands of dollars in damages, or you may have to pay for your medical expenses out of pocket.

Top Tips for Choosing the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Wisconsin

You can ensure you get the best personal injury lawyer your money can hire by following these tips:

Don’t hire a “Jack of all Trades”

A “Jack of all Trades,” master of none, also applies to lawyers and is the last one you should consider for your case. If the one you consider dabbles in a range of cases and has little experience with personal injury cases, they don’t care for your best interests.

These lawyers also handle divorce, real estate transactions, wills, estate plans, and sometimes criminal cases. You will benefit from holistic representation by hiring a lawyer from a firm that handles personal injury cases exclusively. They can ensure you get max compensation and guide you through the claims process.

Don’t Hire Hustlers

Some law firms in Wisconsin hire individuals to hustle for personal injury cases, and they never tell their clients that they will meet with a paralegal rather than the lawyer handling their case. If your case is handed over to an inexperienced paralegal, what makes you think they will take your case seriously?

Always ask if your first meeting will be with the lawyer or not. If they fail to give you a straight answer, move on. Hire someone who cares about you enough to have a face-to-face meeting.

Ask About Their Experience

Before hiring a personal injury lawyer in Wisconsin, ask them about their general experience and background. This includes info about their alma mater and queries such as the following:

  • How long the lawyer has been in practice.
  • How many personal injury cases they have dealt with personally.
  • Whether the lawyer has more experience defending plaintiffs or defendants.
  • Whether they have experience dealing with demanding insurance companies of a particular insurance adjuster.
  • How do they establish lines of communication between themselves, their clients, and expert witnesses?

And other queries that can help you understand whether you should hire them for your case or not.

Contact Law Offices of John V. O’Connor for Your Personal Injury Case

Picking a personal injury lawyer in Wisconsin is one of the most important decisions you can make. The quality of their representation can make or break your case. Depending on your choice, you can get thousands of dollars in compensation or be broke at the end of a case. This is where the Law Offices of John V. O’Connor can prove invaluable.

Our attorneys have years of experience representing personal injury victims in court and ensuring they receive the maximum compensation they deserve. Use our free consultation offer, and you can interview the lawyer we assign to your case personally. Ask anything you want. We want you to work with us with a mind free of stress and worry. Dial (262) 605-8400 to book a consultation today!


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