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How to Help Your Lawyer Win Your Personal Injury Case

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You can and should ask for compensation if you sustained a severe personal injury because of someone else’s negligence. If their insurance company denies your claim, do everything you can to increase your potential compensation. This includes ensuring that your Kenosha personal injury lawyers have the resources and evidence they need to strengthen your claim. 

Top Ways to Help Your Lawyer with Your Personal Injury Case 

Here are some of the ways you can aid your personal injury attorney during your case to maximize your claim:

Be honest with them 

Honesty is critical for a solid attorney-client relationship. Discuss it with your attorney if you think you are partially to blame for your accident. You can collect some damages in Kenosha, WI, even if you are partly at fault by claiming comparative negligence. Your lawyer may be able to negotiate a low fault percentage and increase your chances of getting maximum compensation. 

That doesn’t mean your lawyer is against you. Just because you failed to wear your seatbelt doesn’t mean you are at fault. But that doesn’t mean you should exaggerate your symptoms or use an old injury. Medical records and investigations can reveal the truth, and you may pay more. 

Collect evidence 

Personal injury laws backed by solid evidence have higher chances of succeeding. Here are some of the key pieces you should provide your Kenosha personal injury lawyers:

  • Pictures and videos of the accident scene.
  • Medical records and doctor notes.
  • Your account of your injuries.
  • Medical exam and test results.
  • Prescriptions of your medication.
  • Pay stubs to record lost wages.
  • Copies of emails you received or sent to the insurance company. 

And other evidence that can help your lawyer settle your claim or increase your percentage. Note the time and dates of important events as well.

Take a break from social media 

It can be tempting to upload pictures of your injuries or hospital stay on social media for your well-wishers, but it can backfire. The posts and photos can damage your claim. The other party’s insurance company will be looking for reasons to deny it, and they are not averse to digging into social media to get what they need.

For instance, if you upload pictures of on vacation you take right after your accident, they can say you are lying about your injuries. Even a picture of you smiling or laughing post-accident can be used as evidence against you – by their logic, you shouldn’t be happy if you are in pain. 

Your Kenosha personal injury lawyers can help you get as much money or damages from your claim, provided they have the tools to do so. You have just three years to make your claim. Give them the necessary information and evidence before it is too late. 

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