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How Do I Prove Negligence In A Slip And Fall With No Witness?

The icy surfaces and snowy sidewalks of the existing weather conditions create a perfect environment for slip and fall accidents. If you've suffered an injury due to a fall, having a witness should make your ca...

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Top 3 Common Staircase Slip and Fall Causes

Slips and falls can lead to serious injuries. However, when these falls happen on staircases, the results can be debilitating, and in some cases, fatal. While such accidents can happen due to carelessness, ther...

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Five Steps to Take to Protect Your Rights After a Slip and Fall Accident in Wisconsin

Slip and fall accidents remain one of the leading causes of serious injuries. A report from the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) found more than one million people seek emergency medical assistance for sl...

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Parking Lot Slip & Fall Accidents

Commonly, slip and fall accidents in a parking lot do not result in severe injuries hence such a situation may not require an individual to seek a legal recourse to obtain damages. However, there are some insta...

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Dealing with Slip & Fall Injuries

Slip and fall injuries affect over 1 million people annually. Around 15% of accidental deaths are also attributed to incidents involving slipping or falling. In most instances, these incidents are caused by uns...

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Proving Fault in a Slip and Fall Accident

Several slip and fall accidents occur every year and thousands of people get injured due to them. Many of these victims find it really difficult to prove who is in the fault for the accident. How do you know w...

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